The Joys of Mother Nature

As some of you know, Mother Nature has been giving us Bikers the raw deal in the last year, with weather. Well She has done it again to us, a week of Chinooks and sunny skies had almost cleared up the snow and the Ice on the streets, enticing a few hardy souls to take their Dual Sports out and tease us cruisers.

Well as someone who is suffering from PMS (Post Motorcycle Syndrome) this was unbearable especially after last years incredible summer of below normal temperatures, snow and rain, and generally not fun riding weather, I was ready to get the Bike out and even go fro a 1/2 hour ride, to work out the fog.

Well the weekend is here, and guess what, Winter has started again, 3-4″ of snow and -16 Celsius temperature means one thing the PMS continues. However I am not alone in these thoughts, as the owner of Foothills Motorcycle Apparel, we have many customers into the shop today, and I feel better know I am not the only one Suffering. Most of the riders have trips planned to haul their Bikes down to the States to more temperate Locales and work the fog and the bugs out in the Sunny US.

Oh well what is a Biker to Do, I will just have to sit here and dream, about the long and winding roads, that I have yearned for since last summer, We have a series of Rides planned and we are looking at ways to help out with the numerous rides in the Calgary Cochrane Area, if you would like more information or to ask about ways we can support your ride please contact Betty Anne or Gary at 888-851-0619

About Stubby

Thanks for Visiting Foothills Motorcycle Blog, if you have anything you want to add, please email Betty Anne or myself and we will get the information added to the site. So a Little about us, My name is Gary, Stubby to my friends, I have been riding on and off for most of my life, but seriously for the last 4 years. We live in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies, so we have some of the most beautiful places in the world to ride. Betty Anne is the Powerhouse of the operation, she started managing the store in August and has been adding new manufacturers monthly. Betty Anne has brought her Seamstress Skills into play and is now doing custom Apllique Work on Chaps, she is sewing on crests, badges, unit colours and whatevr you require on your vests, jackets, etc. BA as everyone knows her by, will also do some leather repairs, if you ask. Gary will be introducing Custom hand tooled sissy bar, Saddlebags and tank bras, in the future, keep coming back to see the finished products. My dream was to start a blog and have the readers be the authors, you do not want to hear about me all of the time, So I am asking you to start sending us articles, pictures, or anything you want!! we will get it posted. I would like to get anything Motorcycle related and we will add it, if you have a Motorcycle Club you belong to, Send me the Logo and a little history, we will post it. if You have an Motorcycle Event or Ride coming up, get me a copy of the poster.
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